Friday, February 21, 2020

Device: Spine: Genesys Spine is pleased to announce the launch of our Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System

Genesys SpineAUSTIN, TexasFeb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Genesys Spine Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System consists of partially threaded and fully threaded implants designed to secure the sacroiliac joint and minimize micro-motion enabling bony fusion.
Advantages of the Genesys Spine Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System include:
  • Dual thread designs incorporate a differential pitch for controlled compression across the joint.
  • Cannulated design allows for minimally invasive placement.
  • Offered in fully threaded and dual threaded configurations.
  • Optional washers designed to maximize purchase on the ilium without burying the implant head in the bone.
  • Increased surface roughness to help facilitate osteoinduction.
  • Rifled inner diameter to reduce inadvertent targeting pin migration.

"The Genesys Spine SI Fusion System is a game changer. It provides one streamlined system that addresses the pathology of sacroiliitis in both the lateral and posterior approaches. Many SI pain patients are mis/underdiagnosed due to their pain mimicking low back pain. This system will deliver health care providers with versatile tools to treat these patients in need of an SI Joint Fusion." - Dr. Kaywan Gamadia, DO Cape Spine & Neurosurgery Cape Girardeau, MO
SOURCE Genesys Spine
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