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News: Tyber Medical Launches TyPEEK® Lateral Implant System

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BETHLEHEM, Pa.Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Tyber Medical, a privately held company focused on developing innovative medical devices for private label opportunities and advancing the science of bioengineered surfaces, announces the full commercial launch of their lateral access system, 2ndGeneration lateral PEEK/titanium composite interbody and lateral plating system.

Tyber Medical is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive and cohesive lateral system. The Tyber Medical lateral access retractor, which is critical to a successful procedure, utilizes a popular 3 blade design and capitalizes on current levels of surgeon training and expertise. The approach and disc preparatory instruments are heavy on surgeon input, were designed for multiple levels including the difficult to access L4/L5, and have been tested against the best in the field. The TyPEEK®, titanium plasma sprayed PEEK, composite interbody fusion devices provide access to the newest and fastest growing interbody segment in fusion technology. Completing the system is a lateral plating system that provides three points of fixation in each vertebral body with only two screws, eliminating some instrumentation required by other systems on the market, minimizing surgical steps, and freeing up real estate normally required by four screw plates.
"Our team has done a tremendous job to deliver a system targeting two of the hottest growth areas in the spine market; exotic material interbodies and the MIS lateral procedure," commented Jeff Tyber, CEO of Tyber Medical. He added "The Tyber Medical private label model allows our customers to rapidly access this market and growth without spending resources on development and, at the same time, eliminating timeline risk."
According to multiple market research sources, the global market for minimally invasive surgery is forecast to grow faster than any other segment over the next 3 - 5 years. Visit the Tyber Medical Booth #507 at NASS where the company will showcase the complete lateral system along with a number of other spine products available for private labeling.
About Tyber Medical:
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Tyber Medical, LLC, Morristown, New Jersey, a rapid commercialization device company, is creating new pathways to regulatory approved bioengineered implants and instruments for orthopedic companies, large distributors, and hospital organizations. Tyber Medical designs and develops full class II orthopedic systems; verifies and validates those systems using a QSR and ISO 13485 certified quality system; and pursues and maintains both US (FDA 510k) and OUS (CE Mark) regulatory approvals. Current products include the opening osteotomy system, headless and headed compression screws, snap-off screws, cervical plating system, lateral retractor system and spinal interbody spacers featuring both standard sterile and non-sterile PEEK and TyPEEK®, a proprietary titanium plasma sprayed PEEK. The company is also developing BioTy™, a nanotopography surface modification which limits the adherence of bacteria to implants.  For more information, please visit
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