Thursday, September 22, 2016

News: Inspired Spine study of new MIS direct thoracic interbody fusion yields positive results: 7 things to know

PubMed published results of Inspired Spine's study on minimally invasive direct thoracic interbody fusion.
Here are seven things to know:

1. MIS-DTIF is a surgery intended to reduce back pain in patients with degenerative disc disease or disc herniation.

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2. The Inspired Spine study involved four patients, analyzing patient-reported pain, operation time and complications.

3. The patients receiving MIS-DTIF reported significant back pain reduction.

4. On a 10-point scale, the patients reported an 8.8 score prior to surgery. Patients reported an average of 3.5 out of 10 points at the first follow-up postoperation.

5. The study found surgery time lasted about one hour and patients experienced hospital stays of about two days.

6. MIS-DTIF also decreased complication risk, because the minimally invasive approach does not require opening of the chest. Surgeon used real time biplane fluoroscopy X-ray imaging.

7. The procedure was developed in Minnesota.

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