Monday, April 18, 2016

News: Bodycad Introduces Bodycad OnCall Custom Orthopaedic Restorations

QUEBEC CITYApril 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Bodycad has announced the introduction of Bodycad OnCall, its personalized, individually manufactured orthopaedic restorations for complex cases.

Bodycad OnCall gives surgeons unprecedented flexibility in design and manufacturing of a fully personalized restoration. It is ideal for oncology, revision and osteotomy.

"With complex cases, anatomy can be compromised in an endless number of ways which makes off-the-shelf implants a sub-optimal solution," says Dr. Brian HamlinAssociate Director of the Bone and Joint Center of Magee-Womens Hospital ofUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center. "Bodycad OnCall allows us to customize the restoration with the goal of achieving better outcomes for the patient," says Hamlin.

The Personalized Restoration Evaluation Process (PREP) is guided by Bodycad PREP Techs, who collaborate with surgeons to achieve an anatomical fit for every patient. PREP Techs offer consultation and support on load bearing, joint articulation and orthopaedic correction.

"At Bodycad, we are changing the paradigm of joint restoration," says Jean Robichaud, founder and CEO of Bodycad. "A direct relationship between the surgeon and the prosthesis designer must be established, and mutual trust must be created, in order for a customized approach to deliver optimal results. Bodycad is pioneering this relationship."

Bodycad OnCall uses state-of-the-art additive manufacturing (3D printing). The process involves applying successive layers of material in a precise configuration guided by the model created with Bodycad Personalized Restoration Software. 
Bodycad maintains its own manufacturing facility, enabling it to control costs while continually upgrading its capabilities. With its background in personalized oral implantology, the Bodycad team has the knowledge and expertise to make mass orthopaedic personalization possible.
About Bodycad
Bodycad is a Quebec City-based developer and manufacturer of personalized orthopaedics. Its personalized restorations offer patients a high level of conformity to their unique anatomy, providing comfort, fit and durability that make the pursuit of orthopaedic perfection possible. Learn more at
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