Tuesday, March 8, 2016

News: OrthoSecure© Introduces New Corporate Name, OpLogix™, and Implant Management Suite

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OpLogix offers the only patented and cloud-based system that verifies surgeon implant procedure specifications
PRINCETON, N.J., March 1, 2016  /PRNewswire/ -- Sandance Technology LLCthe developer of the patented rules engine OrthoSecure©, today announced its corporate name change to OpLogix™, as well as the official launch of its cloud-based suite of software applications. The OpLogix suite ensures that the right medical devices are available, ready and selected during hip and knee implant surgeries, extending OrthoSecure© to the entire implant lifecycle.

Developed by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Haas and leading technology innovator Michael Roe, the OpLogix software suite includes Prepare, Verify, Supply and Analyze modules that can standalone or be deployed together to offer scheduling, availability, confirmation, procurement, ordering, and reporting services. 
Over one million hip and knee replacement procedures are performed in United States hospital facilities every year. However, due to increasing cost pressures, hospitals are expected to support more surgeries with the same or reduced hospital and vendor staff. As a result, the implant management process can be inefficient and error-prone. In filling these gaps, OpLogix ensures quality and cost savings, and features an intuitive OR interface for added verification during surgical procedures. The software is also designed to protect hospital and surgeon reputations by reducing the likelihood of litigation costs, regulatory remedies, indemnity payments and potential negative consequences of a "Never Event".
"Upon first identifying the need to improve quality parts selection, we developed OrthoSecure to ensure the compatibility of orthopedic implants," said Michael Roe, CEO of OpLogix. "However, as hospital staffing and reimbursement rules have evolved, we realized an immense and expanding need for intelligent software that could manage the entire implant lifecycle, and that is exactly what OpLogix was built to do."
Looking ahead, OpLogix will continue to extend its suite to manage implants in a number of other therapeutic areas. To learn more, please visit OpLogix.com.
About OpLogix™ 
OpLogix™ is focused on applying computing intelligence to the entire implant life cycle to ensure that the right medical devices are available, ready and implanted during surgeries. OpLogix contains OrthoSecure©, a patented rules engine that intelligently determines the compatibility of orthopedic implants. Learn more at www.OpLogix.com

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