Sunday, March 6, 2016

News: Intellijoint Surgical Receives FDA Clearance for the Next Generation of intellijoint HIP™ -- A Miniature Surgical Smart Tool for Cup Position, Leg Length, and Offset in Hip Replacement Surgery

Intellijoint Surgical Inc.WATERLOO, ON--(Marketwired - January 07, 2016) - Intellijoint Surgical Inc., a privately held Canadian medical technology company committed to developing and commercializing miniature surgical smart tools, announces today that it has been awarded US Food and Drug Administration clearance for the next generation of intellijioint HIP™. Cup position (inclination and anteversion) is now provided, in addition to the original leg length, offset, and change in hip center measurements.
"With the previous generation of the product, our use showed improved accuracy and precision of implant selection without a significant expense or impact on OR time," said Dr. Wayne Paprosky, professor and widely published orthopaedic surgeon at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. "The new generation of intellijoint HIP provides surgeons with additional critical implant alignment measurements including cup inclination and anteversion, which will be a potential game changer of how hip surgery is performed in the US."
intellijoint HIP can assist in the prevention of recurrent instability, hip dislocation and leg length discrepancy and may expedite decision-making and improve accuracy in achieving preoperative planned targets, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and healthcare economics.
"Intellijoint was founded in 2010 with the vision of developing and commercializing an innovative technology that is capable of providing real time 3D surgical measurement data, without adding significant time, expense or complexity to surgery," says Armen Bakirtzian, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Intellijoint Surgical. "Now, with FDA clearance ofintellijoint HIP, we've realized this vision and are ready to bring its benefits to the largest market in the world."
Intellijoint's core technology represents the latest in miniature 3D surgical measurement within the sterile field. intellijoint HIP is the first of many products to benefit from this new novel core technology. It is safe, fast, accurate, and precise. intellijoint HIP's compatibility with the majority of implant vendors, paired with its cost-effectiveness, opens accessibility of computer-assisted surgery to all orthopaedic surgeons.
About Intellijoint Surgical Inc.
Intellijoint Surgical is a Waterloo-based innovative medical technology company. Founded in 2010, they develop and commercialize miniaturized surgical smart tools that enhance surgeon accuracy, increase hospital economic efficiencies, and improve patient outcomes. The company's R&D team is led by the former co-founder of Medtronic's computer assisted surgery division, and driven by a team of renowned orthopaedic surgeons: Drs. Allan Gross and David Backstein in Toronto, Dr. Wayne Paprosky in Chicago, Dr. Javad Parvizi in Philadelphia and Drs. Michael Cross and Ran Schwarzkopf in New York.


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