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News: Extremity Medical announces the nationwide launch of IO FIX 2.0™.

Image result for extremity medicalFebruary 29, 2016 - Parsippany, NJ - Extremity Medical, LLC announced the nationwide launch of the IO FIX 2.0™ system. This next generation release of the Extremity Medical flagship technology is a highly refined system focused on midfoot indications. Refinements in both implants and instruments coupled with a streamlined system and technique make the surgical delivery of this technology more efficient. This new generation system is also now modular – allowing for greater intra-operative versatility. 

The core IO (intraosseous) technology remains intact with this next generation system as it continues to offer the biomechanical and profile advantages found with the original IOFIX System. Matt Lyons, Chairman, and CEO of Extremity Medical commented, “This platform of technology is ideal for arthrodesis as it offers stronger hardware that generates both higher peak values of compression than plates or lag screws, and distributes that compression where it is needed most- across the joint. The zero profile advantage of the IO FiX technolgy also greatly reduces the possibility of soft tissue irritation – a significant issue found with plates and screws. Several studies have been published over the last several years that confirm the biomechanical and clinical advantages of this novel fixation device.” 

With over five years of excellent clinical results, and more than 20,000 constructs implanted worldwide, Extremity Medical feels that this newly refined system will quickly enable IO FIX 2.0 to become the gold standard for arthrodesis of the midfoot.

Thomas Harris, MD, Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Department of Orthopaedics-UCLA Harbor Medical Center, stated, “"I have used IO FiX for over five years with great clinical success. With the superior biomechanics, I have been able to change my post-op weight bearing protocol and decrease the time my patients need to be immobilized. It is my "go-to" device for talonavicular fusions." 

"The refinements made to the implants, instrumentation and technique have taken the already good IO technology and greatly improved the delivery and consistency of results. IO FiX 2.0 is my preferred fusion fixation solution for all midfoot fusions”, stated Jeffrey T. Brodie, MD, Foot and Ankle Specialist, Towson Orthopaedic Associates, Towson, MD. 

Extremity Medical, LLC is an orthopedic device company specializing in the development of next generation systems addressing unmet needs for the extremity surgeon. The company currently has 12 products released globally which include specialized fixation and advanced arthroplasty systems for the lower and distal upper extremities. The company’s products are covered by an extensive portfolio of existing and pending patents.

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