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New: Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter: Early clinical cases demonstrate a new paradigm for cost effective post-operative pain management in orthopedic and spinal procedures

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA — February 24, 2016 – Vital 5, Inc., an early stage catheter company focused on post-surgical pain relief recently completed a series of orthopedic and spinal procedures in Logan, Utah and Chicago, Illinois.

The FDA 510(k) cleared Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter, designed by orthopedic spinal surgeons Kern Singh, MD and Frank M. Phillips, MD, delivers a continuous and controlled amount of local anesthetic to the surgical site via its proprietary “leaf catheter” design. The effectiveness of the catheter is further enhanced by directional dispersion of local anesthesia and directional wound drainage from the surgical site, providing broad applicability in general surgery, cardio-thoracic, plastic, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures. 

The Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter is uniquely designed for spinal applications by the safe and directional delivery of a regulated flow of local anesthetic to a patient’s surgical site in close proximity to neural elements for the treatment of postoperative pain. In addition, the catheter functions to simultaneously drain excess fluids from the operative site. “The unique design characteristics of the device make it uniquely suited to spinal applications”, states Kern Singh MD. Frank M. Phillips, MD comments “With the ability to effectively manage post-operative pain, I see ReLeaf allowing more surgeries to be accomplished in out-patient settings.”

 In addition to spinal procedures, the device has been used in over 25 total knee arthroplasty procedures since October 2014. Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. E. Marlowe Goble of Logan, Utah comments on his experience with the device. “In this preliminary study without controls, the Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter has improved VAS pain scores and reduced narcotic consumption in the acute post operative period with my patients, while providing effective wound drainage to minimize edema and facilitate earlier mobilization. In approximately one-third of patients, no adjunctive treatment for pain during the first 48 hours following surgery was required while the catheter was indwelling. This preliminary study suggests that the Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter may be more successful in managing acute post operative than other pain management protocols.”

 The Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter has the potential to significantly lower the cost of care following orthopedic and spinal procedures. The delivery of local anesthetic to the surgical site reduces post-operative narcotic consumption, facilitates earlier mobilization and quicker discharge from the hospital while simultaneously improving patient pain scores and overall satisfaction. As surgeons and hospitals are shifting to bundled payments and pay for performance based on outcomes including patient satisfaction and length of stay, the Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter will be an essential device in facilitating the transition to outpatient orthopedic and spinal procedures. 

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