Friday, February 19, 2016

News: Amendia Inc. Launches the OmegaLIF™ Expandable Interbody Cage

Amendia, Inc. (, a leading provider of balanced, innovative medical device solutions for the spine industry, announces today the launch of the OmegaLIF™ (ΩLIF™) expandable lumbar interbody device, an expandable interbody cage especially designed for use in intervertebral body spinal fusion procedures.
OmegaLIF™ (ΩLIF™)
The launch of OmegaLIF™ is another testament to Amendia’s constant commitment to developing and manufacturing exceptional spinal technology”, said Jeff Smith, CEO of Amendia Inc.
The OmegaLIF™ was created to provide a solution for skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease at one or two contiguous levels from L2-S1. The device features a self-locking expansion mechanism that is infinitely adjustable, along with a cannulated bullet nose design for minimal impaction and ease of insertion. The OmegaLIF™ is streamlined and available in various implant sizes and angulations to fit a variety of patient anatomies and surgical preferences.
“The launch of OmegaLIF™ is another testament to Amendia’s constant commitment to developing and manufacturing exceptional spinal technology,” said Jeff Smith, CEO of Amendia Inc. “We’re confident that it will positively impact our mission of improving surgical outcomes and bettering the lives of patients with spinal disorders, while simultaneously increasing our product portfolio, allowing us to offer a complete, dynamic medical device line to spine surgeons.”
The OmegaLIF™ expandable lumbar interbody device is one of several upcoming product launches that Amendia has planned for 2016 – a concerted, year-long effort to lead the charge in designing and manufacturing disruptive spinal technologies for medical devices, paired with leading-edge biologics and instrumentation.
OmegaLIF™, along with Amendia’s line of cervical, lumbar, and interventional spinal devices, will be showcased at several upcoming events, including the American Society of Spine Radiology Conference, The Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral Nerves Spine Summit, and their upcoming surgeon training lab in Atlanta, Georgia.
Headquartered in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Marietta, Georgia, Amendia is a leading provider of innovative medical devices used during spinal surgical procedures. Founded in 2008, Amendia’s mission is to exceed surgeon and patient expectations by creating balanced solutions with disruptive technologies for medical devices paired with biologics and instrumentation. Amendia’s vertically-integrated strategy focuses on improving surgical outcomes and the lives of patients with spinal disorders.

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