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News: BioPoly® Patent Issues

January 08, 2016
Written by: BioPoly, LLC
FORT WAYNE, IN – BioPoly LLC announced that another US patent pertaining to the BioPoly®technology has issued. According to the Company, this patent protects the partial resurfacing implant designs and method of implantation. The patent is part of an extensive IP portfolio strategy that BioPoly LLC has employed to globally protect its unique orthopaedic material, manufacturing methods, and implant technology.
The proprietary BioPoly® material technology combines an orthopaedic polymer (i.e. ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene or UHMWPE) with an orthopaedic lubricating molecule, hyaluronic acid or HA. The combination of these materials results in a very unique and important orthopaedic material that is robust (due to the UHMWPE) enough to carry anatomical loads, yet self-lubricated (due to the HA) so that it is extremely biocompatible with cartilage tissues. BioPoly® orthopaedic implants, therefore, permit surgeons to replace only the damaged portion of joints (knee, patella, shoulder, etc…) as opposed to the entire joint. The BioPoly portfolio currently includes implants that partially resurface the joint, allowing patients to return to a pain-free lifestyle with normal activities very quickly.
BioPoly® products are CE marked and have been in use clinically since 2012. They are available in many countries throughout the world through our global distribution partner, OrthoD Group. BioPoly products have not yet been approved by the FDA for use in the US.

About BioPoly LLC
BioPoly LLC is an ISO 13485 certified orthopaedic implant manufacturer located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Company is developing, manufacturing and marketing products for use in sports medicine, orthopaedics, and spinal markets. Additional medical applications of the BioPoly®technology in cardiovascular and trauma markets are also being pursued.

BioPoly, LLC


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occuring substance found in joint synovial fluid.  Its primary role is to act as a lubricant enabling smooth pain free articulation.

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelyne (UHMWPE) is a biocompatible polymer with a long history of use in orthopaedic implants, primarily as the bearing material in total joint arthroplasty.

Utilizing a patented process these two materials have been combined to create an advanced orthopaedic biomaterial with exceptional wear properties and sufficient strength to support anatomical loading.

Advanced Properties

Histological image of BioPoly
in an osteochondral defect
from a preclinical study
The BioPoly™ material with its interpenetrated HA molecules give BioPoly enhanced lubricity over traditional UHMWPE contributing to lower wear rates and a lower coefficient of friction.

With the now hydrophilic (water attracting) surface the BioPoly material can better interface with hydrophilic tissues like natural cartilage.

BioPoly has sufficient strength to support anatomical loading yet it has a stiffness an order of magnitude less than implantable metals.

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