Wednesday, December 30, 2015

News: Extremity Medical Announces Initial Implantation for the KinematX Modular Hemi Wrist System

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December 29, 2015 – Parsippany, NJ - Extremity Medical, LLC announces the first surgical implantation of the company’s KinematX Modular Hemi Wrist. The surgery was performed successfully by Gregory Packer, MD in Essex, United Kingdom and the patient’s immediate post-operative result was excellent. Mr. Packer commented,“Having just undertaken the first surgery using the modular KinematX implants, it was clear the modularity of this system offers a significant improvement over monolithic hemi-arthroplasty implants as it allows the implants to be matched to the patient’s specific anatomy much more closely and effectively.” 

The KinematX Modular Hemi Wrist represents the next generation for Extremity Medical’s KinematX platform. Building on the clinical success from the original monothilic implant design, the modular platform utilizes modular components in various sizes to match the patient’s individual anatomy and more closely mimic normal wrist motion. 

This first successful implantation marks the official entry of this next generation product into the European Market. Extremity Medical looks to expand its launch by releasing into several additional facilities in the European Union and Australia. Patient follow-up results from these procedures will be recorded by surgeons in an international wrist registry to determine patient outcomes with the new prosthesis. 

The initial investigators of the modular hemi device believe the improved motion will enable patients to resume sports and other activities that they enjoy. They also believe studies will show the implant to be more durable than traditional wrist replacements, which currently only last 5 to 10 years. 

Extremity Medical, LLC is an Orthopaedic device company specializing in the development of next generation systems addressing unmet needs for the extremity surgeon. The company currently has 10 products released globally which include specialized fixation and advanced arthroplasty systems for the lower and distal upper extremities. The company’s products are covered by an extensive portfolio of existing and pending patents.

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