Thursday, November 12, 2015

News: BME Launches The Speed™ Hand And Wrist System Specifically Designed For Hand And Wrist Surgery

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SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BioMedical Enterprises (BME) announced today the launch of the new Speed™ Hand and Wrist System. The latest addition to BME's Speed system is optimized for hand and wrist applications, and is specially designed to be used in conjunction with BME Speed™ Nitinol implants with 9 to 15mm bridges.  This system, same as the other Speed instrument kits, is pre-sterilized and completely disposable. It also contains proprietary dual-purpose, ergonomic drilling templates that allow surgeons to choose the implant bridge size and drill, all in one step, which can help save time in the operating room. 

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Also included in the system is the new BME Depth Gauge, which is used to measure ideal leg length PRIOR to selecting the implant.  With these innovative features, BME brings the standard implant selection workflow, familiar to orthopedic surgeons, to disposable Nitinol implants systems for the first time.

"We believe that the launch of our new Speed Hand and Wrist System will help drive BME into the leadership position in the upper extremity market. We are continuing to focus resources on expanding products and the uses of Nitinol implants in hand and wrist procedures," said Keith M. Peeples, President and CEO of BME. "We applaud our dedicated consulting surgeons, who worked closely with our engineers to help us develop this product. This system will maximize efficiencies in the operating room and help make procedures go more smoothly. As with all BME products, our ultimate goal is to empower our surgeons to achieve better patient outcomes."    
The new BME Speed Hand and Wrist System is available now for commercial use throughout the United States.
About BME, Inc.
BME, Inc. is a privately-held leader in orthopedic shape memory implant technology for bone fixation in upper limb, lower limb, rib cage, sternum, clavicle, and pelvic region.  BME is the first U.S. manufacturer of Nitinol metal implants for musculoskeletal fixation.
For over a decade, BME has spearheaded the innovation of the Nitinol technologies in the U.S. market, and continues the advancement of Nitinol implants and instruments. This is accomplished by BME developing new standards for manufacturing processes, adding to its surgeon advisory boards, and focusing on the education of our surgeon communities on the clinical benefits of the Nitinol technology. Innovation and strategic partnerships will further define the role of BME as leaders, as demonstrated in our commitment to the BME surgeon and patients.
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