Thursday, July 23, 2015

News: Intelligent Implant Systems Announces Funding

Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC announced today the closing of a significant round of financing that will assist in funding the ongoing launch and sales of the Revolution™ Spinal System. The funds were raised in conjunction with Yadkin Small Business Lending, a division of North Carolina’s Yadkin Bank. Scott Birkner, Vice President and Business Development Officer of Yadkin Small Business Lending, commented “We are always excited to partner with great companies like Intelligent Implant Systems. Entrepreneurs like Marc are admirable because they create job opportunities, which in turn strengthens our community. We are thrilled to support local growth in the Charlotte area.”

Marc Richelsoph, President and CEO responded by saying, “We are very pleased to be working with Yadkin Small Business Lending and impressed by the team and support they have provided. This funding places us in a great position to grow sales and expand our Revolution™ Spinal System. Yadkin Small Business Lending responded to our needs and took the time to understand our business and see the opportunity.”

The Revolution™ Spinal System is based upon using a single disposable instrument tray and implants that combine the best of polyaxial screw systems and plating systems into a new implant. This implant has the ability to connect multiple bone screws while adjusting for angulation and distance between the bone screws. This assists the surgeon in connecting implants at different angles without bending or contouring rods or other components. Benefits of the system include accurate and easier connecting of two or more implants and significantly reducing surgical instrumentation and surgical time. Unlike most current systems, the locking mechanism is built in, eliminating extra components and steps, such as placing set screws, which can be tedious and introduce the risk of cross threading.

The Revolution™ Spinal System can be implanted using a total of seven instruments, including a new instrument for easy controllable compression and distraction. Additionally, the bone screws are cannulated for use in mini-open and minimally invasive surgical procedures. In addition to the sterile single instrument tray, implants for the Revolution™ system are also provided sterile, packaged in transparent tubes with each implant having a barcode for traceability. This all-sterile approach has numerous benefits for surgeons, hospitals, and patients, including a streamlined OR process with fewer trays and instruments, no need to wrap and sterilize instrument trays, simplified inventory tracking, and a reduced risk of infection.

About Intelligent Implant Systems: 
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC was founded with the goal to develop and market innovative surgical solutions for orthopedics and both fusion and non-fusion applications of the spine. Since its inception, Intelligent Implant Systems has been granted multiple US patents with foreign and additional US patents pending to protect its core technology. The product portfolio includes implants and instrumentation for enhanced fixation technology, facet joint fusion, lumbar posterior fusion, deformity correction, cervico-thoracic posterior fusion, and lumbar interbody 

About Yadkin Small Business Lending:
Yadkin Small Business Lending is a division of Yadkin Bank which exclusively provides loan products that are backed by the SBA. They are a Preferred SBA Lender with one of the largest, most experienced small business lending teams in the country. Their accomplished professionals are committed to providing unrivaled customer service and delivering the right financing options based on what your business really needs. Yadkin Small Business Lending can offer lending solutions for many types of businesses – find out how they can help grow your business today.
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