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News: Flower Orthopedics cleared to enter the European Union

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HORSHAM, Pa., July 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Flower Orthopedics, the creator of the standardized, procedure-based, bone fixation concept the FlowerCube, announced today that it has received CE marking approval. The approval opens the opportunity for significant expansion of the innovative FlowerCube concept in the European Union.  

The approval encompasses Flower Orthopedics' entire product line, which consists of complete bone fixation solutions for upper and lower extremities. Consisting of more than 400 implants, including a full portfolio of cannulated screws, each implant has been engineered with a clear surgical strategy in mind to provide the ultimate in secure bone fixation.  Flower Orthopedics' single-use instruments are standardized and multifunctional, expediting case completion and driving surgical efficiency in the OR.
Tailored for specific surgical indications, the FlowerCube houses all of the requisite bone fixation implants and instruments sterile packaged, single-use and always Ready-for-Surgery. The FlowerCube is delivered ready for use, eliminating set drop off and preoperative on-site sterilization.
"Receiving CE marking approval is a significant milestone for Flower Orthopedics. The market response to the FlowerCubeconcept, to our anatomic implants and to the single-use instruments in the United States has been extremely positive, and we are excited to bring this concept to the European market," says Oliver Burckhardt, CEO and President of Flower Orthopedics. "We are committed to providing our customers in the United States and Europe cost-effective, safe and efficient Ready-for-Surgerytreatment solutions that bring true quantifiable value into the OR."  
Flower Orthopedics is actively seeking distribution partners in the Europe, and is looking to start selling activities in the region in 2016.
About Flower Orthopedics:
Flower Orthopedics' "Ready-for-Surgery" concept provides surgery-specific applications in individual sterile packaging, which eliminates the need for pre-op sterilization and, compared to current practices, considerably reduces the number of implants and instruments brought into the operating room (OR). All instruments in the FlowerCube™ are single-use, removing the need to reprocess surgical tools post-op. This single-use feature also decreases the risk of infection stemming from reusable devices and expedites valuable OR turnaround time. With these efficiencies, the company expects hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) to save as much as 30 percent of the combined implant and instrument costs currently spent on each surgical case. (
ZRINSKI AG - Medical | Industrial
Flower Orthopedics offers a broad range of high-quality bone-fixation implants that are designed for optimal performance and clinical excellence. More than 400 plate options are manufactured in partnership with ZRINSKI AG, a respected manufacturing leader and supplier of high-quality implants, medical products and technical solutions, headquartered in Germany (

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