Tuesday, July 28, 2015

News: Amendia Continues to Expand by Acquiring the Business of Custom Spine

The portfolio integration of “Pathway AVID,” one of Custom Spine’s signature technologies, is expected to have an immediate positive impact on Amendia’s distribution network.

AmendiaAmendia Inc., a leading provider of innovative spinal technologies, announced today that it has acquired the business of Custom Spine, Inc. Since 2003, Custom Spine, a New Jersey-based company, has developed an extensive portfolio of new generation, surgeon-friendly spinal technologies. The Custom Spine transaction is a new milestone for Amendia, ideally positioning the company for sustainable and scalable growth.
The business combination will further support Amendia’s focus on providing the spine market with a comprehensive product offering in a vertically-integrated business model, designed to maximize efficiencies, cost savings, customer service, and creativity. Amendia continues to provide surgeons with clinically-relevant innovations designed to help orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons perform to the best of their abilities and most importantly, improve patients’ quality of life.
"I'm looking forward to adding Custom Spine’s technologies to Amendia’s comprehensive product offering. Custom Spine’s rich IP portfolio, engineering know-how, skilled sales force, and customer base makes this transaction an easy fit for both companies," said Jeff Smith, Amendia’s CEO. He added, “Custom Spine brings the rights to 40 patents to Amendia, which instantaneously increases the breadth and depth of our R&D pipeline. This is very exciting for the company and also for patient care.”
The portfolio integration of “Pathway AVID,” one of Custom Spine’s signature technologies, is expected to have an immediate positive impact on Amendia’s distribution network. Pathway AVID (patent pending) is a unique articulating vertebral interbody device (AVID) that provides optimal structural support while enhancing spinal fusion. The device includes three intra-linked PEEK® cages, which are inserted using a standard transforaminal approach. Once inside the disc space, each segment is sequentially articulated, providing better placement control with a large footprint to increase structural support.
“The business combination of Amendia and Custom Spine brings together two highly complementary companies,” said Mahmoud Abdelgany, Custom Spine’s CEO. “It creates an organization uniquely qualified to meet the needs of today’s ever-evolving healthcare market, to the benefit of patients, surgeons, distributors, hospitals, and payers.”
Headquartered in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Marietta, Georgia, Amendia is a leading provider of innovative medical devices used during spinal surgical procedures. Founded in 2008, Amendia’s mission is to exceed surgeon and patient expectations by creating balanced solutions with disruptive technologies for medical devices paired with biologics and instrumentation. Amendia’s vertically-integrated strategy focuses on improving surgical outcomes and the lives of patients with spinal disorders.

Custom Spine, Inc. was founded in 2003 by top engineers and industry professionals in partnership with orthopedic and neurological surgeons to develop spinal implants and instrumentation. Mahmoud Abdelgany, CEO, had the vision to create the next generation of surgeon-friendly spinal implants and instruments with superior performance, thereby making Custom Spine an innovative leader in the spinal implant market.

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