Thursday, June 18, 2015

News: Nanovis Spine, LLC receives FDA 510(k) clearance of its FortiBridge cervical plating system designed to complement the FortiCore® cervical interbody fusion device platform

Nanovis Inc.
Carmel, Ind. (June 18, 2015) – Nanovis Spine, LLC (Nanovis) announced today the launch of the company’s FortiBridge™ cervical plate system. FortiBridge cervical plates allow for high angulation screw placement with a smooth, esophagus-friendly profile. The FortiBridge cervical plate system offers a full range of short and long sizes in either steam sterilizable or individually sterile packaging formats.

Cervical Plate Forticore
FortiBridge cervical plates are designed to complement the Nanovis’ FortiCore® cervical interbody implant system. FortiCore implants are very different from other interbody implants because of FortiCore’s deeply porous titanium scaffold. Furthermore, PEEK Optima® by Invibio is injection molded into the scaffold for exceptional integration, while the PEEK center gives the implant the imaging and mechanical properties preferred by surgeons.

Nanovis has three advanced technology platforms, the FortiCore platform, an advanced nanotechnology platform, and an innovative anti-colonization and antimicrobial implant platform. “The launch of the FortiBridge cervical plate system as a partner to our FortiCore cervical interbodies is another important step in Nanovis’ mission to lead our chosen markets with science-enhanced implants that improve lives” said Matt Hedrick, Nanovis’ Chief Executive Officer.
Nanovis welcomes distributor partners seeking a steady flow of products clearly differentiated by new and advanced technology. Nanovis invites distributors to review its website or contact the company directly at 1-877-907-NANO.
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