Tuesday, June 23, 2015

News: Amendia, Inc. Completes SpineSelect Acquisition

Marietta, Ga (PRWEB) 

The acquisition of SpineSelect expands Amendia’s product portfolio to include a minimally-invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion solution

Amendia, Inc., a leading provider of innovative spinal surgical devices and instruments, announced today the acquisition of certain assets of SpineSelect, LLC of Tupelo, Mississippi, a spine company focused on providing minimally-invasive systems, implants, and instruments. The acquisition allows Amendia to broaden its innovative product portfolio to include a unique minimally-invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (“MITLIF”) system. Through the transaction, Amendia gains 20 patents covering SpineSelect’s core products and other innovative spinal technologies
“The addition of SpineSelect’s MITLIF system allows Amendia to offer another superior solution for both patients and surgeons,” said Jeff Smith, Amendia’s CEO.
“The addition of SpineSelect’s MITLIF system allows Amendia to offer another superior solution for both patients and surgeons,” said Jeff Smith, Amendia’s CEO. “We look forward to building relationships with SpineSelect’s current customers and distribution groups, while expanding our product portfolio with novel technologies.”
SpineSelect’s MITLIF system is comprised of two primary product families: the Marquise MIS® Channel System and the Turbo MIS® TLIF System. The patented Turbo MIS® interbody devices, with stand-alone FDA clearance, were designed to overcome many of the deficiencies of commodity devices, including stability and rollover, insertion safety, poor visualization, subsidence and kyphosis, and suboptimal fusion rates. The Marquise MIS® Channel System’s patented design is unlike any competing technology on the market and finally satisfies the conflicting goals of limiting muscle damage while also providing the surgeon adequate working access for complex surgical procedures.
“The team at SpineSelect has worked hard to develop truly differentiated technology, covered by 20 patents, that helps surgeons perform less invasive lumbar fusion procedures and achieve better patient outcomes. We are thrilled that Amendia shares the same commitment to delivering innovative, outcomes-driven technology. I am amazed by the amount of innovation occurring at Amendia, and we look forward to joining this dynamic and emerging leader in the spine industry," said John Eckman, SpineSelect's President.

Headquartered in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Marietta, Georgia, Amendia is a leading provider of innovative medical devices used during spinal surgical procedures. Founded in 2008, Amendia’s mission is to exceed surgeon and patient expectations by creating balanced solutions with disruptive technologies for medical devices paired with biologics and instrumentation. Amendia’s vertically-integrated strategy focuses on improving surgical outcomes and the lives of patients with spinal disorders.


SpineSelect was launched by a leading spine surgeon in 2009 as the culmination of a lifetime body of work in the advancement of minimally-invasive surgical treatment of degenerative spine disease. Through his over 40 years of experience, SpineSelect’s founder developed a passion for minimally-invasive spine surgery and became one of the leading surgeons in the field. SpineSelect’s core product offering includes the highly advanced MITLIF system designed specifically to address the challenges of this complex procedure.

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