Thursday, February 27, 2014

Merete Medical is Issued Patents - One for OsteoBridge® (Knee Arthrodesis Rod Fixation System)and One for BioBall® Hip Repair System

Merete Medical has received the FDA clearance to market its Merete OsteoBridge IKA Intramedullary Knee Arthrodesis Rod Fixation System for fusion of the knee joint. Indications include:
  1. Irretrievably failed total knee arthroplastyLimb salvage
  2. Oncology surgery
  3. Any other condition where there is little soft tissue or bony tissue available for support and arthrodesis is the treatment of choice
In contrast to one-piece intramedullary nails, the modular design allows for insertion through a single incision at the knee, with retrograde insertion into the femur and antegrade insertion into tibia. This can be advantageous for an obese patient, in whom the approach to the piriformis fossa is difficult. At the same time the system accommodates dissimilar diameters of the femoral and tibial intramedullary canals, thus achieving a better press fit and stabilization of Femur and Tibia. Also, unlike the situation with a standard intramedullary nail, the physiological genu valgum of the extremity can be maintained. In contrast to a one-piece intramedullary nail, the modular system with its two components fixed with a stable coupler, allows the accommodation of the nail to the contour of the femoral shaft, thus reducing the risk of fracture during insertion.
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Merete Medical GmbH, Germany today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued two new Patents. One directed to OsteoBridge® Implant Family and one to BioBall® Hip Repair System, two innovative products developed by Merete: U.S. 8,518,122, and U.S. 8,533,968.

The OsteoBridge® new invention is based on the problem of providing a modular hip prosthesis for the management of large bone defects or resections by using the proven patented concept of the two hollow shells OsteoBridge® Spacers, used since years in knee arthrodesis and diaphyseal bone defects or resections. The second invention describes method and device for determining the compatibility of tapers to help the surgeon to select the correct BioBall® Sleeve in hip revision arthroplasties.

About the Company

Merete Medical GmbH, founded in 1996, is an owner‐operated medical technology company located in Berlin, Germany. The company focusses on innovative Research and Development and is producing individual solutions for hip revision, foot surgery, and treatment of major bone defects, bone oncology, periprosthetic fractures and trauma implants. The company sites are in Berlin (Germany), Luckenwalde (Germany), New York (USA) and Wroclaw (Poland), Paris (France) Additionally, the Merete forefoot reconstruction product line offers a complete range of proven innovative implants for the correction of moderate and severe toe deformities as well as for bone fusion and fixation.

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