Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Extremities, Trauma and Spine Startups - A glance

Extremities Startup
Acumed (Portland, OR)http://www.acumed.net/
Articulinx (Cupertino, CA) polymer disc-shaped polymer inter-positional implant for finger joints to relieve OA pain, CE marked
Ascension (Austin, TX) leader in pyrocarbon small joints, acquired by Integra LifeSciences in fall 2011 for $65M
DelpalmaOrtho LLC (Columbia City, IN) hand, wrist and elbow products based on DPO’s Percutaneous Monorail Technology, $1.5M in Series A  funding Aug09
Extremity Medical (Parsippany, NJ) Compress X Compression Screws, Hallu·X Intramedullary Fusion Device for treatment of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint http://www.extremitymedical.com
MTP Solutions (Logan, UT) a VentureMD company, develops surgical repair systems for the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint that restore normal function and relieve pain
Nextremity Solutions (Colts Neck, NJ) Arthur Alfaro – President & CEO, early-stage orthopaedic company developing proprietary implants ( Class II) for the foot & ankle surgical correction of small-bone deformity, degeneration and trauma.
OrthoHelix (Medina, OH) Anatomic foot and ankle titanium plating and screw systems, Dennis Stripe is CEO.
OsteoMed (Dallas, TX)http://www.osteomedcorp.com/
OrthoPro (Salt Lake)
foot & ankle products, including the Phalinx Cannulated Hammertoe Fixation System, Total Compression Plate System, and Hemiarthroplasty Implant   www.orthoprollc.com.
Paragon 28 (Englewood, CO) Foot & Ankle screws, plates, staples, interference screws and allograft bone
Shoulder Options (Charlotte) Cuff Repair Plate, CEO is John Kapitan
Skeletal Dynamics (Miami) Second Extremities company founded by Dr. Jorge Orbay. His first company, Hand Innovations, was acquired by DePuy.  Products include Align Radial Head system, Geminus volar plate for distal radius, and IMplate wrist arthodesis nail
Small Bone Innovations (Morrisville, PA)http://www.totalsmallbone.com/
Solana Surgical (Memphis & Oceanside, CA) 
Solana Surgical is a global orthopedic company founded in 2008 by former Nexa Orthopedics extremity company executives to create the preeminent company in extremity surgery.
Trilliant Surgical (Houston) 
Self-funding startup with a full service Foot & Ankle  line – cannulated screws, hemi impalnts, subtalar implants, hamertoe implants, plating, etc.
Trauma Startup
Accelalox Inc. (Menlo Park, CA) developing an orally delivered small molecule thereapy to accelerate bone fracture healing, funded by management and Angel investors, Julia O’Connor (CEO)http://www.accelalox.com/
Acute Innovations (Portland, OR) spinoff from Acumed, plating and cable systems for rib fractures and sternum closure
Advanced Orthopedic Solutions  – AOS (Los Angeles) Trauma nails for Femur, Tibia, Humerus. Plates for Humerus.   http://www.aosortho.com/
CarbonFix Orthopedics Ltd (Israel & Campaign, IL) Carbon IM nails, Carbon plates, and the Fixion Expandable IM nail manufactured by N.M.B Medical Applications Ltd.   http://www.carbo-fix.com/
DGIMed Ortho (Minneapolis, MN)
Disc-O-Tech (Israel) developing carbon fiber low-modulus plates and nails
ExtraOrtho (Memphis, TN)
 acquired by Zimmer Nov2011 for undisclosed amount, fka QFx until May 2009, QFx Damage Control System created by engineer Michael Mullaney, it is a new type of clamp that connects the pins to the external rods in Ex-Fix systems, the clamp can rotate in many directions, making it easier for the surgeon to connect a rod to the pins, which may be sticking out of the patient’s body at different angles
Funding in 2009
FlexFix, LLC (Logan, UT) focused on commercializing its proprietary implantable “flexible-to-rigid” technologies in the orthopedic and spine markets, the assets were acquired from NovaLign
FXDevices (Boca Raton, FL)  MISSING IN ACTION
Hand Innovations (Miami) A one product company acquired by DePuyin 2006 for $75M.  The Distal Volar Radius (DVR) plate changed the standard of surgical treatment from dorsal fixation to volar fixation. 50,000 plates were implanted by 2006. Founded by Dr. Jorge Orbay
IlluminOss Medical, Inc. (East Providence, RI)http://www.illuminoss.com/
Intelligent Orthopaedics, Ltd. (UK)
Merlot OrthopediX (Cleveland, OH) founded in 2004, spun out of Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 2005, focused on bone-anchoring plates invented by Izador Lieberman, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic for application in spine and trauma, currently lead by Paul Erikson
NovaLign Orthopaedics, Inc. (Memphis,TN)
Sonoma acquires assets Feb 2011
Orthopedics Designs – ODi (Tampa)
Skeletal Dynamics (Miami) Second Extremities company founded by Dr. Jorge Orbay. His first company, Hand Innovations, was acquired by DePuy.  Products include Align Radial Head system, Geminus volar plate for distal radius, and IMplate wrist arthodesis nail
Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA)
Raised $22M in Series D Feb 2011. Glen Coleman is CEO, Charles Nelson is CTO and founder
Suspension Orthopaedic Solutions (Annapolis, MD) products address difficult-to-treat injuries while simultaneously providing surgeon-friendly alternatives to existing solutions for all targeted injuries: The Suspension™ Clavicle Fracture Fixation Systems and the Suspension™ AC Joint Injury Repair System both designed to address injuries to the Shoulder Suspensory Complex.
Spine Startup
DiscGenics (Salt Lake City)  2012 startup useing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to repair discs, technology can isolate stem-like progenitor cells from human adult intervertebral disc tissue, animal work has shown some success in regenerating new disc material.   http://discgenics.com
SpinalCyte (Houston)  Technology is autologous regrowth of the spinal disc nucleus using human dermal fibroblasts, currently in research and patent mode.   http://spinalcyte.com/
Carevature  Medical Ltd (Tel Aviv, Israel)  Founded in 201, disposable spine instrumentation for lumbar and cervical spine procedures, scope is proprietary device platform for performing direct decompression with an indirect approach for preserving healthy tissue – spine today, joints tomorrow  http://www.carevature.com/

Alphabetical List with Comments
3Cor Medical, Inc. (Redwood City, CA) Distraction screws for plating and interbody fusions, founded in 2002
Aaxter  (Taiwan)  instrumented fusion
Accel Spine (Dallas) Pedicles screws and plates, eight 510(k) clearances so far
Acme Spine, LLC (CA) 510(k) submissions, but no public information for a few years
Adaptive Specialty, LLC (Portland, OR)  510(k) clearances for cages, interbody devices in 2009
Advanced Biologics (Ladera Ranch, CA) biologics products designed for spinal applications, OsteoAMP, OsteoGEN, OsteoMEM.   http://advancedbiologicscorp.com
Advanced Spine Fixation Systems Inc. (Irvine, CA) early spinal cage implant company started in 1998. Osteoimplant (UK) acquires them in 2003
Advanced Vertebral Solutions – AVS (Alpharetta, GA)  510(k) clearnce for steerable TLIF PEEK cagehttp://www.steerabletlif.com/
Alphatec Spine (San Diego) HealthPointCapital took them public on 1Jun06 – ATEC, non-excl with Isotis for DynaGraft II, licensed MIS patents from Dr Jackson. HealthPointCapital conveniently merged them with Scient’x (another spine holding), Licensed V-Stent (Stout Medical Group) expandable titanium cage for vertebral compression fractures; in 2010 AlphaTec found itself under tremendous scrutiny for potentially manipulating and misleading investors that purchased ATEC stock only to watch it collapse.    http://www.alphatecspine.com/
Altiva Corp (Charlotte, NC)early 2008 acquired by Exactech for $25M, contour spinal system, some bio DBM, the old S+N Simmons plating system, agreement with Curasan and RTI for OsteoBridge DBM graft, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, implanted 100 ant. buttress plates so far, Craig Corrance   http://www.exac.com/products/spine
Allure Spine (Charlotte, NC) Spondylos Spinal Fixation System; won a defense contract
Amedica (Salt Lake) Brought a new material to Orthopedics for the first time – Silicon Nitride is a super strong and durable ceramic used in industrial applications; cervical Ceramic-on-ceramic spacer made of Silicon Nitride is FDA approved, four rounds of funding so far, IPO planned then pulled back, CEO change from founder, Ashok Khandkar, to Ben Shapply; acquired US Spine   http://www.amedicacorp.com/
Amendia (Marietta, GA) Niche spine products including Savannah Pedicle screw/rod system, Phenix interbody cages, and temporarty screws for stereotactic procedures, also a distributor for Spineology’s OptiMesh   http://www.amendia.com
Anatomica Spine (Sweden) instrumented fixation
Angtrom Medica (Mass) Bio, having trouble finding more funding, no press releases after 2006, some products now sold by Pioneer Surgical  http://www.angstrommedica.com
Anulex Technologies, Inc (Minnetonka MN) Inclose Surgical Mesh system for annulus repair (510k Sep05), Mike McCormick (CEO), Matt Burns (founder) Exactech pres on board – Dr Petty, 1,200 procedures in 2007, Xclose annular repair, 24 direct reps, $20M raised in Series E   http://www.anulex.com/
ApiFix (Israel)  developed MIS devie for scoliosis deformity correction system with a miniature ratchet mechanism to captures incremental corrections while the patient bends in the corrective direction. The deformity correction process spans several months to allow the soft tissues to accommodate any minor correction.  http://www.apifix.com
Apollo Spine (Newport Beach, CA)  Cervical plate, Cervical Spacer, Lumbar Spacer
[FAILED]Applied Spine Technologies (New Haven) MIS M-Brace, $47M raised in three rounds, VC De Novo Partners, IDE trial of Stabilimax non-fusion system stopped and started again, Yale partnership, selling Stabilimax in Eu, Craig Corrance replaces Tom Wood at CEO, Asset sale started Sept 2010  http://www.appliedspine.com/
APTO Orthopaedics (Akron) 1st spinout of Austen BioInnovation Institute in Austin, video debut, has developed a device designed to help children who need spinal implants because of spinal deformities, main technology is a rotating magnet to turn a screw from outside the patient, eliminating the need for a 2nd surgery.
Arca Medica (Germany)  PEEK cages, facet decompression, synthetic grafting material
Archus Orthopedics (Redmond, WA) abruptly went on life support May 19, 2009, Disolved the company assets Sept 3, 2009, Facet Solutions purchased all of their IP including the TFAS Total Facet trial in US, rec’d CE mark Mar05 for spinal stenosis, JNJ Depuy invested $35M into Archus   http://www.archususa.com/
ArthroCare Spine (Austin) 90% growth at $10M/Q, 80 employees, MD wand coblation wand for disc nucleus removal, solid technology should emerge after financial shenanigans are settled   http://www.arthrocarespine.com/
Aurora Spine (Carlsbad, CA) founded in Jan 2012, MIS degenerative spine US and OUS  http://auroraspine.us/
Ascendx Spine – fka AOI Medical (Orlando) USF incubator,  Ascendx VCF Repair cement delivery system, raised $4.8 mixed financing Aug 2011   http://www.ascendxspine.com/
A-Spine (Taiwan) alternative Kyphoplasty technique called Vesselplasty using Vessel-X Bone Filling Container System
Atlas Spine (West Palm Beach) fka Innovative Spinal Design; plating/screws  http://www.aspine.net/taiwan.html
Axial Biotech (Salt Lake City) scoliosis focus, genetic testing + non-fusion implants, x-Depuy Spine chairman on board   http://www.axialbiotech.com/
Axiomed Spine Corp (Cleveland) clinical trial of cervical disc   http://www.axiomed.com/
Axis Surgical Technologies (Menlo Park, CA) Funded by BioStarVentures   http://www.biostarventures.com/portfolio.htm
Baxano, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) founded 2005, instrumentation to restore spine function and preserve healthy tissue, $30M in Series C in mid-2010   http://www.baxano.com/
Baxano Surgical (Wilmington, NC) $12M Series B, technology allows for an innovative a-coccygeal axial approach to the spine sometimes referred to “trans-sacral”. This MIS access is limited to the L5-S1 level of the spine only (at this time!), but the  technique allows for clearing out the nucleus without having to puncture the annulus, $25 million funding by institutional VCs and some recent hires from the Kyphon sales armada, most successful IPO in 2007, 2010 partnership with LifeSpine  http://www.trans1inc.com/
Benvenue Medical (Mountain View) $15M in Series B from Three Arch, Versant and De Novo, flexible implant for VCFs   http://benvenuemedical.com/
Binder Biomedical (Boca Raton, FL) NEWTON line of PEEK lumbar spinal spacersX-graft from U of Miami Tissue Bank, Lawrence Binder is President
Biorthex (Montreal) Actipore Ti-N porous metal cages, acquired by SBI (equity investment got them exclusive rights to Actipore)   http://www.biorthex.com/
BioSpine LLC (Fort Wayne, IN) vertebral body patents filed, based in the The OrthoVation Center incubator affiliated with Micropulse Inc., a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and surgical instruments   no website
Blackstone Medical (Springfield, MA)non-fusion Motion Preserving Rods, Orthofix acquired for $333 cash   http://www.blackstonemedical.com/
Bonutti TechnologiesDr. Bonutti’s incubator for MIS spine IP, partnering with Stryker, Kyphon, Tyco   http://www.bonuttitechnologies.com/
Bright Spine (Boca Raton, FL) no information
Calvary Spine (Lutherville, MD) PEEK cages – PETRA Lumbar Interbody Fusion cages, INTEGRA Cervical Interbody Fusion cages
Captiva Spine (Jupiter, FL) PEEK cages, pedicle screws, plating, Dale Mitchell is CEO
Cardinal Spine, LLC (Louisville, KY)  510(k) for interbody fusion device
no website
Carevature  Medical Ltd (Tel Aviv, Israel)  Founded in 201, disposable spine instrumentation for lumbar and cervical spine procedures, scope is proprietary device platform for performing direct decompression with an indirect approach for preserving healthy tissue – spine today, joints tomorrow  http://www.carevature.com/
no websiteCardo Medical, Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA) Cardo Medical was formed in February 2007 when it acquired the assets and operations of Accin Corporation, a product development company founded in 2005, products include  reconstructive joint devices and spinal surgical devices - SSP Semi-Constrained Cervical Plate, PSS Pedicle Screw System   http://www.cardomedical.com
Centinel Spine (Minneapolis)startup fka Raymedica from 1990 to 2008, HydraFlex Nucleus Arthroplasty System, disc nucleus, John Viscogliosi, (Chairman/CEO)   http://www.centinelspine.com
Cervitech (Rockaway, NJ) – Nuvasive acq Apr09, a LINK development company (Germany), Helmut Link is Pres, poly/CoCr disc replacement, no bone grafting products, patient enrollment complete in PCM Artificial Cervical Disc study   http://www.cervitech.com/
CG Spine Limited ( Dunedin, New Zealand) developing a cervical laminoplasty plate system for use in cervical spinal stenosis; CEO is John Galvin, no website
ChoiceSpine (Knoxville, TN) 2007 US startup bringing Eu patents to use for plating, rods, PEEK cages
CHM (Poland) Pedicle screw and rod systems, CharSpine System 6.0, Bialstab System 5.0
Clariance Spine (Danville, France) Founded by Alain Tornier who found adn sold the successful extremities leader Tornier, sell Fusion products and Motion Preservation products, nucleus replacement is in development
Clarus Medical (Minneapolis) spinal pain management, a leader in endoscopic minimally-invasive products for the treatment of spinal pain   http://www.clarus-medical.com/
CoAlign Innovations (Brisbane, CA)  fka Innvotec Surgical AccuLIF metal cages that go in transforaminally and expand like a car jack
coLigne AG (Switzerland) proprietary carbon composite biomaterial, ostaPek, and 15 years of clinical experience with it, latest product is ostaPek LCFRP longitudinal rods, polyaxial screw recently cleared by FDA, mature Eu company that is bringing products to the US   http://www.coligne.com
CoreLink Surgical (St Louis, MO) Stealth mode. http://www.corelinksurgical.com/
Corentec (Seoul, Korea)  founded in 2000, AGES I and II pedicle screw systems, PLIF titanium cages
CoreSpine Technologies (Prior Lake, MN) a tissue-selective, articulating, mechanical device used for complete nucleus removal in the spinal disc, Christine Horton (Pres)   http://www.corespinetech.com/
Cousin Biotech (France) resorbable cage, dynamic interlaminar device, dura coverings  http://www.cousin-biotech.com
Covision Medical Technologies Ltd (UK) pedicle screws, rods, hooks
Creaspine (France) PEEK interbody spacers, founded in 2003, selling in Eu and looking to sell in US   http://www.creaspine.com/
Crocker Spinal Technologies (Salt Lake City, UT)  founded by BYU President’s Leadership Council member Gary Crocker and headed by BYU MBA graduate David Hawkes, David Hawkes is president; developing a disc replacement with completely natural motion   http://crockerspinaltechnologies.com/
Crosstrees Medical Inc.  (Boulder, CO)developing a minimally-invasive spinal implant for the non-fusion treatment of scoliosis, funded by DeNovo   http://xtreesmed.com
Custom Spine (Parsippany, NJ) no compelling technology and changing management, ISSYS Inverted Polyaxial Pedicle Screw System, Lew Bennett takes over as President Jan09, new Board members added in Jul09   http://www.customspine.com/
Cutting Edge Spine (Charlotte, NC) founded 2011 by John Kapitan and Randy Roof, lower priced PEEK cages http://cutting-edge-spine.com/
Cytori (San Diego, CA) cell re-implantation, developing and commercializing stem and regenerative cell therapies for reconstructive surgery   http://www.cytoritx.com/
DFine (Cupertino,CA) bone cement for vertebral FXs, whistleblower reports surgeon kickbacks and costs company $2.39M  http://www.dfineinc.com/
DiFusion Technologies (Austin, TX) reducing the rising incidence of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) in spinal surgeries, CleanFUZE is an antimicrobial PEEK spinal interbody cage capable of stopping biofilm formation in the bone graft site   http://difusiontech.com
Dio Medical (Milwaukee, WI & Korea)  the Rexious System is FDA approved and actively sold in the US, the Rexious and Fixpine systems are sold in the EU   http://www.dio-us.com
Disc Dynamics (Eden Prairie, MN) After failure to obtain FDA approval for it pivotal study, on Dec 31, 2009 terminated all employees and discontinued clinical studies.  Back in 2000, they raised $65M to fund the development of DASCOR, a disc arthroplasty system., $65M in total VC funding, David Stassen was Chairman of Board, longterm CEO Steve Healy resigned, longterm VP Ron Burke was acting as temporary CEO   http://www.discdyn.com/
Disc Motion Technologies (Boca Raton) founded in England, pres is Kelly Smallridge, TrueDisc and TrueDyne, Jud Carlson (x-CEO, now Managing Dir), Andy Greenberg (CEO)   http://www.discmotion.com/
Discogen (Weston, FL) an emerging medical device co specializing in the development of technologies to treat early disc degeneration, acqd by SpineOvations Dec07   http://www.spineovations.com/
DiscGenics (Salt Lake City)  2012 startup useing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to repair discs, technology can isolate stem-like progenitor cells from human adult intervertebral disc tissue, animal work has shown some success in regenerating new disc material.   http://discgenics.com
Dynamic Spine (Baldwin,WS)  registered by spine surgeon Dr. Glenn Buttermann, patent applications for disc replacement
Eden Spine (Orlando, FL) Guillaume Viallaneix X-Scientx marketing, The company acquired the Swiss R&D organization FlexisMed SA and its portfolio of dynamic technologies. In 2007 FlexisMed SA changed its name to become Eden Spine Europe SA positioned in Europe as Eden Spine’s wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to motion preservation   http://www.edenspine.com/
EgiFix Medical (Egypt) PEEK cages, plates, rods, pedicle screws
Ellipse Technologies (Irvine, Ca)  Scoliosis treatment available OUS only, Magnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC) system allows a physician to remotely modify the length of the rod and the force applied to the spine throughout the implanted period as the patient responds to therapy; the purpose of the device is to eliminate the amount of repeat surgical procedures, which can in turn reduce the amount of complications and costs associated with this practice;  Mike Henson of MedFocus is Chairman http://www.ellipse-tech.com/
Eminent Spine (Leander, TX) 510(k) clearance for spine plating system, all products are named after snakes
Endius (Plainville, MA) Zimmer acquired 2007, MIS, Founded in 1997, Atavi®, the Atraumatic Spine Surgery System, which obtained FDA clearance of its 510(k) in October 2000, is currently being utilized in hospitals nationwide. Atavi is the only fully integrated system that enables surgeons to perform lumbar spine surgery minimally invasively, with one access portal, while preserving the fundamentals of the traditional open surgical technique.   http://www.endius.com
ESM Technologies (Scottsdale, AZ) T1 Anterior plate and T2 Anterior plate is a a novel approach to the treatment of Isthmic Spondylolisthesis and Degenerative Disc Disease
http://www.esmtech.comSurgical Technique –> http://www.esmtech.com/uploads/Why_Now_ESM_TechniqueA.pdf
Expanding Orthopedics (Caesarea, Israel) founded in 2001 by Dr. Mark Levy, an orthopaedic surgeon whose vision is to develop devices which focus on simplicity of use, investors include Opal Ventures, MD Venture Partners, and Triathalon Medical Ventures, technology includes pedicle screws with molly bolt like expansion to improve screw fixation in poor quality bone for patients undergoing thoraco-lumbar fusion surgery   http://exortho.com
Expandis (Israel) starting clinical trials for spinal fractures on a MIS implant that uses a scaffolding and glue combination, product name is Bidex
FacetMed (Israel) DualAxis pedicle screw system is a non-rigid, multi-axial spinal fixation system for posterior stabilization and fixation of thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions; non-rigidity in the screw reduces stress tenfold at the bone-screw interface and improves load transfer between vertebrae; company expects to reduce the surgical failure rate and the need for secondary procedures; in 2008 was folded into Israeli incubator; 510(k) submission planned in 2012   http://www.facetmed.com/
[ACQUIRED]Facet Solutions (Boston) anatomic facet arthroplasty, strong patents, IDE approval, clinical trial start late 2008, FDA clearance target 2011-2013, acquired by Globus Medical in 2011 for undisclosed sum   http://www.facetsolutions.com/
FlexSpine (Singapore) $13M spinoff from SpineVision in Atlanta, dynamic stabilization, launched FLEXPlus in Eu   http://com.spinevision.net
Flexuspine (Pittsburgh) $9M in Series B including Warburg money, Erik Wagner/Vin Jannety’s new startup after founding Spinal Concepts    http://flexuspine.com/
Gentis Inc (Philadelphia) U of Penn spin out, DiscCell in-situ polymerizing spinal nucleus augmentation technology, Pivotal trial start 2009?, $10M in A round, DiscCell pilot in Brazil May06   http://gentisinc.com/
Genysys Spine (Austin, TXGenesys Spine is located in Austin, TX.  They have two products on the market approved by the FDA; the TiLockTM Pedicle Screw System and the ApacheTM IBFD/VBR.  Genesys has an Anterior Cervical Plate targeted for an August/September release.  All sales are executed via contracted distributors in the US.
Gerraspine AG (Switzerland)  FENIX Facet joint replacement, Horace Hale is the owner. Quiet company with very little activity. http://gerraspine.com/
Globus Medical (Phoenixville, PA) from $16M to $44M sales 2005 to $130M in 2007 to $200M in 2009, >1% share of all spine, posterior stabilization system launched, trying to raise $10M, $110M in series E so far   http://www.globusmedical.com/
Gold Standard Orthopaedics (Louisville, KY) 510K for GSI implant   http://gsortho.net/
Highgate Orthopedics (Boston)startup focus is 2nd generation fusion and disc replacements, founded by Spray Ventures in Boston   http://www.spraypartners.com/port_ortho.html
Hoogland Spine (Germany) cervical disc prothesis, maxMorespine Spinal System   http://www.hoogland-spine.com/
[FAILED]Hydrocision (Billerica, MA) Fluidjet devices for open/MIS spine procedures including fusion, discectomy, artificial nucleus, and disc procedures, HydroDiscectomy   http://www.hydrocision.com/
HydroSpine (Boston, MA) founded in 2005 as a spin-off of Cambridge Polymer Group, Inc., who licensed several hydrogel inventions to Hydrospine for spine applications, technology involves an injectable hydrogel system that forms a load-bearing nucleus pulposus analog, President is Stephen Spiegelberg PhD   http://www.hydrospine.com/
IB Medical LLC (Longmont, CA) static compression device technology in spine surgery, patent filed
Inion (Finland) went on life support March 26, 2009, Inion laid off employees, delisted from London Stock Exchange (LSE: IIN.L), selling off assets.  At one time Inion was a promising trauma company with resorbable bone plates. Stryker distributed their implants in the US, Aesculap and Citagenix distributed OUS. Richard Wolf Medical Instruments distributed resorbable Sports Med products in the US. Inion raised a total of $100M in VC funding   http://www.inion.fi/
InnoSpine acquired by Kyphon for ~$30M   http://devicelink.com/mx/issuesupdate/06/01/Kyphon.html
Innovasis (Salt Lake City) VBRs, plating, allograft, Exella®-M,, Excella-P Spinal System—Dave McKean (Pres), Richard Harris (S&M).  Opteryx® Anterior Cervical Plate System for anterior plating C2-C7, $12M sales in 2007, creative distribution where they let the surgeon decide who will carry the product, ISO 13485 certified   http://www.innovasis.com/
Innovative Spinal Technologies (Boston) BANKRUPT Jan 2009, Assets purchased by Integra LifeSciences for $9.25 in Sept 2009, a total of $75M was raised since it was spun out of Texas Back Institute in 2002, opinion is that a series of poor management decisions lead to its downfall including relocating the company from Dallas to Boston, out-of-control spending and a complete change in their distribution model, Paul Thomas (X-Lifecell CEO) was on the Board
Integral Spine Solutions (Carlsbad, CA)  MIS interbody fusion products using PLIF approach, raising money from individuals  http://www.integralspinesolutions.com
InteliFUSE, Inc. (New Orleans, LA) Nitinol memory-shape staples for spine fusion   http://www.intelifuse.com/
Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC (Charlotte, NC) products for fusion, non-fusion, and scoliosis, PerceptionT shown at NASS2009, Marc Richelsophe is CEO   http://www.intelligentimplantsystems.com/
Intralink-Spine (Georgetown, TX) is a company formed to develop, manufacture, market, and sell a tissue modifying reagent that can be injected into the intervertebral disc of the human spine to increase crosslinking in the native collagen matrix.  The NEXT device is designed to immediately strengthen and stabilize the disc, reducing disc bulge and pain without the costs and risks associated with surgery. Dr. Hansen Yuan, M.D., a leader in spine surgery, added: “This injectable tissue reinforcement procedure can provide an effective treatment for patients who are either early in the disease process or adverse to surgery.”   http://www.intralink-spine.com
International Spinal Innovations - licensed ALIF patents to Alphatec Spine
Interventional Spine (Irvine,Ca)fka Triage Medical, Teleport MIS instruments, selling off trauma to fund spine, Walter Cuevas CEO, Series C $24M in 2007,   http://www.i-spineinc.com/
Intrinsic Therapeutics (Woburn, MA) 2000 startup, soft tissue focus, Greg Lambrecht, CEO Walter Cuevas, $21M in series D, annulus patch with MIS technique   http://www.in-or.com/
Ionics Medical Corp (Ether, NC) Levanted Intervertebral Pillar, expandable vertebral body, replacement prothesis
Jemo Spine (Murray, Utah) Delta low profile fusion system   http://www.jemospine.com/
K2M (Leesburg, VA)screws, PEEK cages, plans to carry biologics in the future, $21.6M raised, 3Q06 stabilization system to launch, Range spinal system is combination of Denali and Mesa systems, 2010 sold majority ownership to Welsh, Anderson, Carson, and Stowe and will be positioned for sale in the future   http://www.k2m.com/
Korea Bone Bank (Seoul, Korea) Korean allograft company, acquires Endotec to add total joints, developing a new rhBMP-2 growth factor to compete with Medtronic’s INFUSE in the US, expects FDA clearance in 2010, Daniel Shim (CEO)   http://www.kbbcom.co.kr
K Spine, Inc. (Minnetonka, MN) initial market is scoliosis; the Kspine system allows surgeons to reduce the morbidity of deformity surgery with a procedure that is quicker, safer, and more cost-effective than existing techniques; CE Mark, and are currently recruiting patients for a clinical trial OUS; investors include Split Rock Partners and Abingworth; raised $2,5M in 2010;  no website
Lanx, Inc. (Broomfield, CO) Surgeon owned, Aspen Spinous Process System is a posterior, non-pedicle supplemental fixation device, intended for use at a single level in the non-cervical spine (T1-S1), acquired by Biomet  http://www.lanx.com/
LDR Spine (Austin) Founded in 2000 in France, 1% share of all spine, porous ceramic blocks, IDE start 2006 with Mobi-C Cervical Disc (poly-CoCr) finish IDE around 2008?, www.secondgenerationdisc.com, Christophe Lavigne is CEO, opened office in Bejing, $25M in round C to support Mobi-C trial   http://www.ldrspine.com/
LFC Sp Zo.o (Holland)– IP for InSwing interspinous spacer licensed by Orthofix/Blackstone   http://www.blackstonemedical.com/
Life Spine (Hoffman Estates, IL) PEEK interbody, MIS screw system, clearance for dynamic anterior cervical plating, cleared Neo-SL ant cerv plate, 2010 partnership with TranS1  http://www.lifespine.com/
Loukas Medical, Inc (Franksville, WI) Owned by veteran orthopedic instrument designer Jim Rinner, acquired pedical screw patents from Orthopedic Screw, LLC and Launch Medical, LLC of Memphis TNhttp://www.loukasmedical.com
Lucero Medical, LLC (Richfield, OH) cost effective titanium cage spacers for spinal trauma and tumor patients; product is called Enduramesh  http://www.luceromedical.com/
Macropore Biosurgery – Hydrosorb resorbables distibuted by Medtronic, acquired by Kensey-Nash 2007  http://www.macropore.com/index.asp
Magellan Spine (Irvine, CA) Disc Annular Repair Technology (DART)   http://magellanspine.com/
Magen Medical Solutions (Israel) founded in 2007, developing unique anti-adhesion devices for orthopedic applications, SpineShield, is CE Marked and will be commercially available in the second half of 2010, future products, the TendonShield and NerveShield, will be submitted for regulatory approval in EU during 2010. All products will be submitted for FDA clearance in the future, inventor is Dr. Hamid Sharim, Former Head of the Spinal Surgery Unit at Wolfson Hospital, Israel   http://www.magenmed.com
Mazor Surgical Technologies (Israel & Atlanta) SpineAssist mini robot that allows surgeons to scroll thru slice by slice, works like mini-GPS in OR   http://www.mazorst.com/
Medical Device Advisory Development Group (CA)
Medicrea (France/NYC) polyaxial screws, established a US subsidiary, company intends to conduct development of Granvia, a dynamic posterior stabilization system, in the U.S. Following FDA clearance, Granvia could launch in 2010   http://www.medicrea.com/
Medyssey Spine (Korea) full product line of pedicle screws, Ti cages, interspinous spacers, semi-rigid rods, recent 510(k) for their Zenius Thoracolumbar System
Mekanika (Boca Raton, FL) Mekanika will offer the spine surgeon three procedural options using the Modulus System: Fusion, Stabilization and/or in combination to augment support of fusion, cages and artificial discs.http://mekanika.com/
Merlot OrthopediX (Cleveland, OH) Founded in 2004, spun out of Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 2005, focused on bone-anchoring plates invented by Izador Lieberman, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic for application in spine and trauma, currently lead by Paul Erikson   http://merlotorthopedix.com/
MI4 Spine LLC (Bloomfield, MI)16 patents filed for Stem cell enabling device/method, Next Generation Dynamic system, Bone harvesting device for autograft, Cervical Plate and Method, MIS Pedicle Screw, MIS Interspinous Process Spacer and Method   http://mi4spine.com/
Minimus Spine (Austin, TX) injecting ozone gas into a herniated spinal discs which oxidizes the herniation and allows it to shrink in size, relieves pressure on the nerve and provides the patient relief from pain, Angel investors so far   http://www.minimusspine.com/
minSURG TruFUSE posterior fusion system
Moller Medical (Switzerland)  pedicle screws & cages
N-Spine (San Diego, CA) non-fusion MIS dynamic posterior stabilization fixation called Motion Preserving System, $2M Series A late 05, acqd by Synthes for $75M   http://www.n-spine.com/
Nbi Development Inc (San Francisco/Rochester/St. Paul)Neuromodulation, the use of electrical impulses to manage activity in the nervous system, $5.5M raised in 2006   http://ow.ly/gmTE
NexGen Spine (Whippany, NJ) spinal implants utilizing elastomeric polymers for non-fusion treatment of disc degeneration, CEO Alastair J.T. Clemow, PhD was past president of the Society for Biomaterials and a member of the society’s Orthopaedic Biomaterials Special Interest Group   http://nexgenspine.com/
Nexxt Spine (Indianapolis, IN) anterior cervicle plates, pedicle screws, Andy Elsbury is Pres  http://www.nexxtspine.com/
NiCast Ltd (UK) Polymer nanofabrics developer NiCast Ltd. has obtained a three-year €4 million grant from EU Seventh Framework Progamme for Research and Development to head a consortium that will develop a spinal disc product. NiCast will head a group of ten companies and research institutes, and the company’s share of the grant is €600,000   http://www.nicast.com/
NLT Spine (Israel) fka Non-Linear Technologies, developing MIS techniques for lumbar spinal canal stenosis, the Prow Suite includes spinal implants and tools offering motion-preservation and percutaneous alternatives to surgery for treating a wide range of lumbar spine degenerative conditions, company has raised $10M to date
NovaSpine (Elmsford, NY) no current information
Nuvasive (San Diego) Not really a startup anymore, NeoDisc IDE approved, sales growing 10-20% per year, trying to reach $1B in annual sales   http://nuvasive.com/
NV Cromed no current information
OrthoData Inc. (Louisville, KY) diagnostic system that allows orthopedic surgeons to monitor the progress of spinal fusion surgeries by reading data from strain gauges on spinal rods, raised $1.1M in Series A, collaboration with University of Louisville
Ortho Development (Draper, UT) weak product line in spine with total joints, weak management with turnover, Japanese ownership   http://www.odev.com/
Ortho Kinematics (Austin, TX) diagnostic and imaging startup, KineGraph VMA is a new functional diagnostic test for the spine that uses fluoroscopy to capture the spine in motion pre-operatively, measuring motion between the vertebrae, recipient of a $1.5 million State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund Award, funded by PV LifeSciences  http://orthokinematics.com/
OrthoMEMS, LLC (Menlo Park, CA) measuring the pressure in damaged spinal discs using MEMS and wireless technology
Orthonex, LLC (Minneapolis)  growing intellectual property portfolio that includes new devices and methods for: dynamic stabilization of the spine; wirelessly-controlled post-surgical skeletal adjustment; and intra-operative spinal measurement
Orthonics, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) cell-based spinal disc repair and spinal cartilage repair, receives funding from Viscogliosi Bros and GRA VentureLab, Steve Kennedy (CEO), Barbara Boyan PhD @ Georgia Tech, no new information
Orthopedic Development Corporation & minSURG (Clearwater)TruFUSE posterior facet fusion procedure limited release 2006, $8M in startup   http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=30868784
OrthoTec (Beverly Hills, CA) Plates, rods, screws. http://orthotec.net/
OrtoWay (Stokholm, Sweden) founded in 2006 by LinkMed and a group of five experts in biomaterials & spinal surgery, products include a very adaptable hydraulic OrtoWell Distractor and OrtoMixer cement mixer for vertebroplasty, CEO is Stan Mikulowski   http://www.ortoway.com/
OSD – Orthopaedic & Spine Development (Avignon, France)Development and marketing of implants for the spine and orthopaedic fields.  OSD is launching only innovative implants with safe operating techniques. In addition to innovative implants, OSD is matching training centers where experienced surgeons are training new users to safe operating techniques   http://en.osdevelopment.fr/
Osseon Therapeutics (Santa Rosa, CA) incubated at the University of Northern California’s Science and Technology Innovation Center in Santa Rosa, ts first-generation steerable VCF cement products have received both FDA clearance and CE Mark for product distribution in the US and EU, Dr. John Stalcup is CEO http://www.osseon.com/
OuroBoros (Pleasanton, CA) developer of an expandable torroidal mesh which circumferentially reinforces the inner surface of the annulus, raised $1.17 million in a planned $4 million first funding round, PE Wire reports, citing a regulatory filing. The deal was led by Ascent Medical Ventures
Pantheon Spinal, LLC (Austin) Founded by  Dr. Scott W. Spann and Andrew Morgan –  ”L5 S1 is the holy grail of lateral access, but many systems didn’t have any consistent way of getting there,” says Dr. Spann. He decided to create a consistent way. He worked with a number of different techniques and methods until he had created a device that could be used in a repeatable, consistent way and exceeded reward over risk”, story of co formationpatents, no website yet
Paradigm Spine (NY) ownership by Viscogliosi Bros, $14M Series C (2006), $14M in Series D (2007), $21.5M funding (2009), U-shaped Titanium dynamic interspinous non-fusion Coflex system, IDE start 2006, German data presented at SAS May06, funding study in Montreal to find secret to genetic cause of scoliosis, IDE approval for coflex dynamic interspinous implant, IPO planned $16M rev, Chris Hughes is new Pres of US Operations, is the company moving its headquarters to Memphis?   http://www.paradigmspine.com/
PercuFlex Corp. – need information
Phygen Spine, LLC (Irvine, CA) fka Allez Spine, name changed to connote “PHYsician GENerated” products, pedicle screw systems and cervical plating systems for use in spine surgery, started by surgeon in Calif in 2003, lawsuit with JNJ over pedicle screw patents, acquired by Alphatec Spine   http://www.phygenspine.com
Pinnacle Spine Group (Dallas) InFill PEEK cages, Direct Lateral system, TLIF, MIS graft delivery http://pinnaclespinegroup.com/
Pioneer Surgical Technology (Austin, TX and Marquette, MI)founded in 1992, plating systems, IDE approval for NUBAC device for disc arthroplasty, $30.5M in new equity Dec06 to support NUBAC trials, acquired Encelle which develops tissue regeneration products including E-Matrix™, a sterile, injectable biopolymer designed to repair or regenerate diseased or damaged tissue, acqd AlpineSpine LowTop Pedicle screw system, Jan07 acq’d Encelle E-Matrix injectable biopolymer, acquired Angstrom Medica, Jeff Millin (CEO), acquired by RTI   http://www.pioneersurgical.com/
PNIR, LLC (Waltham, MA) focused on Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair, a joint venture with Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Sys., Inc. and NeuroMetrix, Inc.to develop a therapeutic product for peripheral nerve injury based on Cyberkinetics’ Andara Oscillating Field Stimulator (OFS) neurostimulation technology platform, initial $2M investment by NeuroMetrix
Premia Spine (Israel) fka Implaint LTD, no-fusion TOPS system is a polymer posterior shock absorber, early 1-yr success in clinicals in Eu   http://www.premiaspine.com/
ProSpine Inc (Germany?) – need information
Providence Medical Technology (San Francisco)  DTRAX Facet System is a facet system for the cervical spine patients with radiculopathy; the premise is to decompress and stabilize the affected cervical level via a minimally invasive approach;  founded by X-Kyphon guys  Art Taylor and Jeff Smith.    http://www.providencemt.com
Ranier Technology LTD (UK)polyurethane CAdisc compliant artificial spinal disc for total disc replacement, $7.3M from HealthPointCapital   http://www.ranier.co.uk/
RE Spine, LLC (NJ) patents filed for intervertebral disc and facet joint prosthesis
Reduction Technologies, Inc  (Corte Madera, CA) developing a minimally-invasive spinal implant for the non-fusion treatment of scoliosis, funded by DeNovo, CEO is Matt Thompson   http://reductiontechnologies.com
Relievant Medsystems (Redwood City, CA) raises $20M to develop Intracept System to treat low back pain
Replication Medical (New Brunswick, NJ)hydrogel nucleus, Abbott Spine funded $15M   http://replicationmedical.com/
RSB Spine (Cleveland, OH) founded in 2001, formerly known as R&B Surgical Solutions, LLC. first-generation steerable VCF cement products have received both FDA clearance and CE Mark for product distribution in the US and EU, products include InterPlate Vertebral Body Replacement System, a spinal implant that is designed to facilitate spinal fusion process and is used in conjunction with graft material to fuse two or more vertebrae together, Dr. John Stalcup is CEO   http://www.rsbspine.com
Safe Orthopaedics (Paris/Memphis) French startup founded 2010 by Dominique Petit, Pierre Dumouchel, Thomas Droulout to lower the cost of implants to hospitals by providing single-use, sterile, traceable procedure kits; Pedicle Screw kit launched in 2012  http://www.safeortho.com/
SafeWire  (Miami)  Improved MIS procedures with safe advancement of wires, Y-Wire & Tiger Needle.  http://safe-wire.com
Sanacor (Pleasant Grove, UT) Founded in 2004, small product line, nothing too innovative looking, cervical plates, pedicle screws, interbody cages   http://www.sanacor.com
Scient’X (France, Lakeland FL, & Philly) Alphatec Spine (HealthPointCapital) conveniently acquired 100% in early 2010 and planned to move operations to San Diego, Isobar TTL semi-rigid rod system, 1,000 Discovery Cervical Discs implanted in trials, Scient’x has been a pioneer in the promising field of motion preservation for more than 15 years and has been the first company to get approval for a dynamic implant on the US market. Scient’x leadership in dynamic systems -Dos, Twinflex, Isobar TTL and Aladyn  http://www.scient-x.com/
Scorpion Surgical Technologies (Israel) Interlocking Curved Nail System for spinal stabilization surgeries, unique spinal anchoring concept for dynamic stabilization and fusion, pre-clinical testing only   http://www.scorpionsurgical.com/
SeaSpine (Vista, CA) $20M sales in 2006 and growing, Alphatec to market Sea Spine’s Cross Link adjustable bridge spinal product under ATEC’s private label   http://www.seaspine.com/
[ACQUIRED]Skeletal Kinetics (CA) Aug06 acquired by Colson Assoc for private group of companies (Osteomed, Acumed), synthetic bone graft Callos (calcium phosphate) for cancellous bone voids http://www.skeletalkinetics.com/
Skeltex (Boucherville, QC, Canada) a VentureMD company, Skeltex Integrated System for Vertebroplasty (ISV) provides remotely controlled motorized delivery and a cement cure monitoring during kyphoplasty, providing a more predictable and controlled procedure for the physician and potentially improved safety for the patient   http://www.skeltex.com/
Showa Ika Kohgyo (Tokyo & Memphis TN) founded in1974, spinal fixation, Arristos Spinal System  http://www.innovationmedical.com/showaika.html
Signus Medical (Minneapolis) Pioneering the introduction of new biomaterials such as PEEK-Optima®, and research into the next generation of materials, PEEK cages, Bob Heinrich VP Marketing, Thomas Hoghaug CEO   http://www.signusmedical.com/
Simpirica Spine (San Carlos, CA) founded in 2006 to develop minimally invasive, flexion-restricting stabilization devices.   LmiFlex Spinal Stabilization System is a minimally invasive, flexion-restricting stabilization system; CE marked; raised $22M in Series C  http://www.simpirica.com
Sintea Biotech (Milano, Italy) lumbar instrumentation   http://www.sinteabiotech.com/
Smart Disc, Inc. (Allen Park, MI) patented artificial disk design http://www.smartdsc.com/
Solco Biomedical (Korea) need information   http://eng.solco.co.kr/Pr/Pr03.aspx
Sotiera (Natick, MA) raised $6.6 million in Series C funding, developing a treatment of vertebral compression fractures in patients with osteoporosis, cancer or traumatic injuries, design provides a superior biomechanical structure and better control of cement flow than other solutions, Competitive Technologies granted Soteira exclusive license to their nanotechnology-based bone biomaterial for spine
SparTek Medical, Inc. (Alameda, CA) founded in 2007 by successful serial entreprenuer Henry Klyce (Klyce founded Surgical Dynamics in 1985, and founded St. Francis Medical Technologies in 2007), patents filed for motion preserving spine fusion implant that is inserted minimally invasively for treatment of degenerative disc disease   http://www.spartekmedical.com/
Specialty Spine Products – need information
SpinalCyte (Houston)  Technology is autologous regrowth of the spinal disc nucleus using human dermal fibroblasts, currently in research and patent mode.   http://spinalcyte.com/
Spinal Dynamics (CA) acquired by Medtronic for $270M in 2002   http://www.sofamordanek.com/
Spinal Innovations (Memphis) Mark Richelsoft was president, acquired by Aesculap for undisclosed sum   http://www.aesculap.com/
Spinal Kinetics (Sunnyvale, CA) Founded in 2003, developing the M6 artificial disc that seeks to mimic the dynamics and composition of the natural disc, cervical and lumbar products under development, De Novo Ventures, Discs for treating DDD, Tom Afzal is president   http://www.spinalkinetics.com
Spinal Edge LLC (Chicago) -  510(k) clearances in 2009 for ATLAS cage, TITAN Pedicle screw
Spinal Modulation (Menlo Park, CA) – spinal cord modulation & pain management, in stealth mode, raised $30M in Series D to fund clinical trials in US and EU, Medtronic investment  http://spinalmodulation.com/
Spinal Motion (Mountain View, CA) MoM disc in dev, new patents “Intervertebral Prosthetic Disc with Metallic Hockey Puck Core”, $20M in Series C, Kineflex C cerv disc in trials done in South Africa, two US IDEs start 2008 Kineflex L and Kineflex C   http://www.spinalmotion.com/
Spinal Restoration (Austin) – soft disc in clinical trials, Gary Sabins (CEO), Kevin Thorne, John Wheeler, non-exclusive license to Baxter’s fibrin sealant TISSEEL, cervical plating   http://spinalrestoration.com/
Spinal Simplicity (Kansas City) founded in 2008 by Dr. Harold Hess, self funded, the Minuteman device is a minimally invasive posterior fixation implant that can be implanted in 15-minutes on an outpatient basis, no FDA approvals
SpinalUSA (Jackson, MS) Founded in 2005, full line of plating, cages & grafts, opening a new Product Development office in NJ, acquired by Precision Spine  http://www.spinalusa.com
Spine 21 (Princeton, NJ) CTO is Uri Arnin, previously CTO of Impliant, developed a dynamic posterior stabilization device
Spine360 (Austin, TX) Talon Spinal Fixation System
SpineAlign Medical (San Jose, CA) fka SpineWorks, started IDE for nitinol implant for VCF fractures that is implanted through the pedicle, new CEO Gary Grenter   http://www.spineworksmedical.com
SpineArt (Switzerland) need information, artsy animated website with very little information   http://spineart.ch/
SpineCore (NJ) in 2004 SpineCore was acquired by Stryker Corporation for $360 million in cash, including $120 million up front and $240 million in milestone and royalty payments upon U.S. commercialization of the company’s products   http://www.warburgpincus.com/portfolio/ViewCompany,id,220.aspx
SpineCraft (Westchester, IL) Basic products for Cervical, Lumbar/ Degenerative, Deformity, and Bone Substitutes, clearances in Europe and US, no news   http://www.spinecraft.com
Spine Elements (previously Quantum Orthopedics) (Carlsbad, CA) –Zyre Facet System arthroplasty system IDE start 2006, Zyre is sold OUS, In cadaveric spine specimen testing, “the Zyre Facet Replacement System exhibited endurance under repeated loading with no evidence of device wear in or around the anatomic structures where the device was implanted.” Todd Andres-Pres   http://www.spinalelements.com
SpineForm, LLC (Cinncinati) scoliosis treatment, raised $1.25M in Angel funding in 2009   http://www.spineform.com
Spine Frontier (Beverly, MA) founded in 2006, facet screw, biologics and some patent apps in the works, Kingsly Chin is listed as one of their inventors   http://www.spinefrontier.com
SpineGuard (France) raised $11M in Series A and $4M in Series B. Proceeds were used to acquire the PediGuard Business Unit from SpineVision. SpineGuard’s focus is safer pedicle screw placement in spine surgery   http://www.spineguard.com
SpineLab (Germany) – Precimed to co-develop instruments   http://www.spinelab.com/
SpineMark – need information
SpineMatrix (Akron, OH)Non-nvasive diagnostics equiprment used in the differential diagnosis of disc or facet mediated low back pain, closed $ 8M in Series B for new hires and manuf or CERSR that detects muscle tension in the back to locate source of pain, Bill Christy is new CEO after Ben Shappley left for Amedica   http://www.spinematrix.com/
SpineMedica (Atlanta) – $10.6M spinoff from SaluMedica in 2005, focusing on spine cartilage, SaluDisc based on a hydrogel spine license for Salubria, Pete Petit (Pres), Rebeccah Brown PhD (COO), Lew Bennett was CEO for a short time, no news for a least a year?   http://www.mimedx.com/SM/
Spineology (St Paul, MN)raised $7.5 in 2008, OptiMeshis a 3-D deployable mesh pouch that’s implanted into skeletal defects empty, through a small tube, and then deployed to its full size once it’s in place, current focus is VCF fracture repair, struggling to keep trials moving forward   http://www.spineology.com/
SpineOvations (San Diego) Ross Simmons, named Robert R. Anglea to its Board of Directors. DiscSeal(TM) is a percutaneous injection treatment for patients with Internal Disc Derangement (IDD) and suffering from chronic, discogenic lower back pain, acqd Discogen (FL) Dec07   http://www.spineovations.com/
SpineSelect (Tupelo, MS) Lumbar Cages  http://www.spineselect.com
SpineSmith, LP (Austin, TX) develops and markets implants and biologics for surgical fixation, correction and tissue regeneration of the spine, Kevin Dunworth (Founder) Steve Melchiode (Pres)   http://www.spinesmithusa.com/
SpineSource (St Louis) distributing A-Spine products in US, raised $1.2M to fund lanch of 3 products. Tom Mitchell president, PEEK cage, AT plating made by Taiwan-based ASpine   http://spinesource.net/
Spine Solutions acq by Synthes for $175M in 2003, ProDisc   http://www.synthes.com/
Spine Surgical Innovation (Boston, MA) spine tubular retractor systems; Holmed Swivel Port System http://www.spinesurgicalinnovation.com/
SpineView (Fremont, CA) minimally-invasive technologies aimed at improving spinal decompression and fusion with a host of spine-related interventional and surgical products and procedures, enSpire Interventional Discectomy System is a needle-based tool designed to cut, grind, and aspirate disc tissue for lumbar discectomy procedures   http://spineview.com/
SpineVision (Paris & San Francisco) – lumbar system for dynamic stabilization without fusion, also discs and MIS systems, free-hand electronic pedicle preparation instrument, Gérard Hascoët is now CEO, Direct sales in UK   http://www.spinevision.net/
Spine Wave (Shelton, CT) quickly raised $125M in four rounds, IDE approval in 2006, StaXx expandable PEEK interbody, StaXx FX repair system, NuCore injectable nucleus trial underway, Mark LoGuidice (founder), John Pafford (founder)   http://www.spinewave.com/
SpinX Technologies (Geneva) programmable lab-on-a-chip platform for applications ranging from drug discover to consumer diagnostics  http://www.spinx-technologies.com/
Spring Back, Inc (Palo Alto, CA) exhibited at EuroSpine 2009, need more information   http://www.springbackinc.com/
Surgical Biologics (Kennesaw, GA) developing bioimplants manufactured from human amniotic membrane, which can be used for a wide range of spine indications. Purion, a patent pending process created by Surgical Biologics, is specifically designed for the manufacture of human amniotic membrane   http://www.surgicalbio.com/
Surgicraft PEEK cages, need information   http://www.surgicraft.co.uk/
Synergetics USA instruments, need information   http://www.synergeticsusa.com/
St. Francis Medical (San Francisco) Kyphon acq $185M, X STOP Interspinous Process Decompression System, great reimbursement at $4,400, IPO late 2006   http://www.medtronicsofamordanek.com/
SyncMedical (Stroughton, MA) Part of a consortium of med device startups lead by Steve Tallarida (vascular surgery, endo surgery, cardio surgery, and joint preservation surgery) that includes ArthroSurface and STD Medical;   Ethos Pedical Screw system is available in Latin America
The 4th Column (San Diego)  no current information
Theken (Akron, OH) Integra Life Sciences acquired for $75M + possible $125 in earnouts in Aug08 (2.2X sales), PEEK cages, e-Disk with MEMS chips with feedback, FDA warning letter re torque wrench, eDisk trials start late 2007   http://www.theken.com/
Titan Spine (Milwaukee) – Peter Ulrich inventor, ENDOSKELETON Vertebral Body replacement, Charanpreet Bagga, Vice President of Operations & Research, Steve Cichy, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Kevin Gemas, President   http://titanspine.com/
TransCorp Medical (Grand Rapids, MI) focused on neurosurgical and orthopedic instruments and implants, founders are Dr. Scott Tuinstra, Roger Veldman, and Des O’Farrell, 2008 funding from EDF Ventures and Grand Rapids-based Hopen Therapeutics and Grand Angels, FDA approved Anterior Cervical Fusion Plate System and PEEK Interbody Fusion implants http://www.transcorpspine.com/ MassDevice article.. http://ow.ly/4WvMj
True Motion Spine (Gainesville, FL) cervical disc for non-fuisons in development – Cervical D6, plans also for lumbar disc alsohttp://www.truemotionspine.com/
Ulrich Medical USA – bought a spine distributorship…SpineSource, Obelisc vertebral body replacement   http://www.ulrichmedicalusa.com/
Ultimate Spine (Los Angeles)FDA registered, Selective Axis posterior non-cervical plating system, need information
US Spine Technologies (Boca Raton, FL) Acquired by Amedica Sept 2010, minimally invasive, rapid-delivery facet fixation via a disposable, trigger-operated gun; third-generation polymer artificial disc, Element TCP/HA, received FDA 510(k) clearance for the Facet Fixation System, an alternative to pedicle screw fixation for 1 and 2-level spine fusions, Doris Blake (CEO), Paul Sendro hired as VP Sales after failing as Vertebron CEO   http://www.us-spine.com/
Vertebral Technologies, Inc – VTI (Minneapolis) focus is less invasive fusions, InterFuse Interbody Fusion Device made from modular PEEK spacers, over 3,000 Fuse Interbodies implanted, InterCushion disc nucleus, Jeff Felt is CEO, strong connection to ABS, plans to raise $3M funding   http://vti-spine.com/
Vertebration (Columbus, OH) MIS techniques   http://vertebration.com/
Vertebron (Stratford, CT) BANKRUPT in March 2009, Asset Sales later in 2009, Vertebron should have cashed out when CardoMed offered them $25M, MoM disc in dev, acquired 9 patents spanning spinal implant and instrument systems, including bioabsorbable cervical plating and interbody fusion devices, non-metallic screw locking and chemical bonding technologies, X-Surgical Dynamics leader, distributes medARTIS TCP/HA, most profitable quarter was 1Q07   http://www.vertebron.com/
Vertical Spine, LLC (Lafayette, CA) startup http://www.verticalspine.com/
Verticor (Midland, TX) fka Interbody Innovations, PEEK cages, PEEK vertebral body spacer, cervical plating, partnerships with Spine 360 and X-Spine for their metal implants, cervical plate in future
Vertiflex (San Clemente, CA) a developer of medical devices for spinal surgery, has quietly raised around $28.3M in venture funding, sold MIS patents to Exactech   http://www.vertiflex.net/
Vertos Medical (Aliso Viejo, CA) $15.5M in Series D, MILD instruments for perform percutaneous lumbar decompressure procedures, early clinical data looks good, experienced CEO Jim Corbett from Ev3   http://www.vertosmed.com/
Vexim SAS (France) minimally-invasive anatomical treatment of vertebral compression fractures, clinical trials in Europe of the SpineJack   http://www.vexim.fr/
VG Innovations (Winston-Salem, NC) VerteLoc Minimally Invasive Spine Stabilization System for facet fusion, over 500 US implantations so far   http://vginnovations.com/
Wenzel Spine, Inc. (Austin, TX) – founded in 2008, and fully operational by the fall of 2009, Wenzel’s products were previously marketed by Encore Medical. Encore Medical purchased Osteoimplant Technology in 2005. Osteoimplant Technology marketed spine products from Advanced Spine, which included the VariGrip and VariFix and VariLift, Chad Neely (CEO), MAB is composed of David Attia, M.D., Thomas Kingman, M.D., and Frank Fichtel, M.D.   http://wenzelspine.com/
X-Spine (Centerville, OH) privately-held, surgeon-driven philosophy, products are Capless screw systems, Spider Cervicalfixation system,  and Butrex Lumbar buttress plating system  http://x-spine.com/
Zimmer Spine (Austin) (fka Spinal Concepts) acquired by Abbott Labs for $160M, then Abbott acquired SpineNext (France), then Abbott sold both spine companies to Zimmer for $360M, non-fusion Wallis system, ISD cervical disc replacement made of elastomer core in woven cover, owns an interest in Replication Medical’s hydrogel nucleus, 210 employees in Austin   http://www.zimmerspine.com
Zyga Technologies (Eden Prairie, MN) Facet Joint Resurfacting and vertebral spacers, $9.75M from Split Rock Partners and Domain Assoc, founded in 2008, http://www.zygatech.com/


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